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How Much Does HVAC Installation Cost? (2024)

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are among the most important systems in your home. They are responsible for heating and cooling your home, keeping it humidity-free, improving air quality, and preventing pipes from freezing in winter. You can’t always predict when ...

How to Paint a Casement Window

In this project we will explain how to paint casement windows and why we paint casement windows in the order we do and the reasoning behind the processes.There is a logical process to the order in which you paint a casement window. The idea is to start with the areas that are only visible when the ...

Using Solid Stain In Our Outdoor Shower

In all of our years of DIYing, I don’t think we’ve ever used a solid stain before. But we recently had a project that was *perfectly* suited for it and, well, solid stain quickly won us over. It was recommended by a professional house painter to us, specifically because he thought it would be ...

Golden Pothos – Plant Care Guide

Pothos are easily our #1 favorite houseplant and the golden pothos is by far the most popular variety. They’re loved by beginners and plant experts alike because they’re affordable, attractive, and easy to care for. They’re quick-growing plants with beautiful trailing vines that add loads of life ...

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